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I would thank GOD
For putting you in my life.
For letting me love you,
Like I've never loved before.
Living life like I always wanted to.

Someone else found out
Just how wonderful you are.
Stole you away,
With promises and dreams.
Now life for me is just,
One big nightmare it seems.

You dint break my heart,
You tore it to pieces.
You were the love I searched for,
All these years.
I dont know what happened,
Or what went wrong.
Reality is now, my worst fear.

You seen your future,
It dint include me.
I've seen my future,
It made me wanna cry.
There was no light at the end,
Only darkness.
My world ended,
With you, saying good-bye.

Now I pray to GOD,
To help get you off my mind.
I cant sleep, cant eat,
I dont wanna go on.
I dont even wanna try.
Cause living without you,
Is just Living A Lie.


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